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101 Kitchen Hacks To Make Cooking EasierWritten by in Blog

After messing up a lot of time while preparing meals, I have decided to prepare a list of Kitchen Hacks which did make cooking easier for me and might be helpful to you as well.

What inspired me to write this article?

Keep Reading to find out.

Yesterday, I decided to make a sandwich for my mother. I grabbed a slice of bread and butter from my refrigerator. The butter was solid as a rock, I tried applying it anyways but can’t spread it, and in fact the bread slice got torn.

My mother, watching me getting frustrated, taught me a hack (Hack #25) to soften the butter so quickly. I was astonished by this simple kitchen hack which motivated me to make this article possible.

So, with the help of my Mom I found 101 easy kitchen hacks which will possibly make cooking easier and fun.

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Cooking Hacks

1. No Messier Cleanup after grating Cheese.

Moisten the surface of cheese grater with some cooking spray or oil before grating the cheese. The cheese will not stick to it and you can easily wash the grater. (via thekrazycouponlady)

2. Sharp and Clean cuts.

Whenever we cut a cake with knife it creates a lot of mess which is a headache to cleanup later. To make cooking easier you can use unflavored dental floss to cut, the cuts will be sharp and clean and the clean up, well just through the floss away. (via listotic)

3. No more sticky fish on grill.

Cook the fish on a bed of lemon slices to prevent it from stocking to the grill. This will make cooking easier. It will also provide a unique flavor to the fish. (via lovebugsandpostcards)

4. Keep Chili Powder fresh.

Add a teaspoon of Asafoetida in the container to keep Chili Powder fresh for long time. The freshness will remain for months.

5. How to keep rice or pulses fresh for long.

Add a clove of Azadirachta indica (or Neem) in the container of rice or pulse to keep them pest free and fresh for a long time.

6. Getting rid of Onion Smell.

We all have been there, after cutting the onion we are left with that horrible smell on our hand. Rub your hands against any stainless steel material (like sink) to get rid of smell. (via myfridgefood)

7. Peel potato with maximum efficiency.

Cut a slit around the center of potato before boiling it. After the potatoes have boiled all you have to do is grab each end and easily peel the skin away. Not even a little chunk of potato will be wasted this way and will allow you to cook with out any trouble.

8. Peeling egg shell in awesome way.

Take an empty jar large enough for an egg to move easily. Now shake the container vigorously. The shell will break apart from the egg. Fastest cooking tip to peel an egg.  (via athriftymom)

9. New way to cook eggs.

Cut a ring of bell pepper and use it as a container to cook the egg inside it. You can also use regular capsicum or onion ring. This way you can eat the container as well.

10. How to keep ice-cream soft in the freezer.

If you put the ice-cream directly in the freezer it will harden up as a rock. Instead use a sealed container to preserve the ice-cream and then put it in the freezer. Next time you take out the ice-cream from freezer it will be soft and creamy. (via smartschoolhouse)

11. Make hash browns using a waffle iron.

Yup that’s right, just spread the grated potatoes on the surface of oiled waffle iron. Cook it for four to five minutes. Crispy from the outside and soft from the inside, hash browns are ready to eat. (via babble)

12. Prevent sugar from crystallizing.

Tight sealed jars are not always enough from preventing the sugar from hardening. Use few chunks of marshmallow to prevent sugar from crystallizing. Easy hacks easier life!(via lifeasmama)

13. Clear ice cubes.

In order to prepare ice cubes with no bubbles inside, simply boil the water before freezing it. This will help the air to escape and you will get clear and crystal ice cubes. (via ediblehi)

You can also use distilled water to get clear ice cubes as well.

14. Reducing Shrinking of bacon.

Wash the bacon with cold water before cooking it. This will reduce the shrinkage by almost 50 percent. This way you can have more .

15. Make cooking easier without any tear.

Freezing the onion remises the chemical to mix with air which ultimately reduces the burn effect in our eyes. So, it will help you from crying and you can cook your meal with ease.

16. Peeling Ginger.

Instead of using peeler or a knife use spoon for peeling ginger. This will help reduce the wastage and is very efficient. (via startcooking)

17. Getting rid of Garlic Smell.

You can use toothpaste or mouth wash to clean up your hand after working with garlic. This way you can get rid of garlic smell and have a fresh smell instead. (via pinimg)

18. Fastest cooking method to chop tomatoes.

Put tomatoes between two saucers and just give it a quick slice with knife. All the tomatoes are cut instantly. This method is good for cutting cherry tomatoes. (via arbiternews)

19. Decrease the calories in rice.

While cooking the white rice add a spoonful of coconut oil in it. Coconut nut oil breaks down the starch into less fatty format and hence decreasing the calorie intake. (via cleaneatingmag)

20. Sharpening a blunt knife.

Scrub the blunt edge of knife on back of any ceramic utensil (like saucer). Scrubbing the knife on rough edge will make it sharp enough to cut the vegetables to make cooking easier.

21. No more brown Apples.

So, you cut an Apple for a quick and healthy snack, you picked up the first slice to eat and someone called. You left the apple for barely 5 minutes and Oh! They turn brown.

Simply add citrus juice to keep the apple fresh for longer. This will provide a twist in taste of Apple as well. (via theyummylife)

22. Homemade Mayonnaise.

This hack is not as difficult as it sounds. Take two spoonfuls of lemon juice and one tablespoon salt. Now crack an egg in the mix along with half cup of white olive oil. Bend the mixture until you see a white thick slime. (via tasteslovely)

Believe it or not, you just made mayonnaise. Simple isn’t it!

23. Homemade Butter.

Fill a jar halfway through with heavy cream and shake it vigorously for ten minutes, done. No need to thank me, you did all the work.

Separate the thick butter from the liquid and store it for future use.

24. How to keep the cheese fresh for long time.

After using the cheese, cover the leftover with wax paper and then seal it up in zip-lock bag. The cheese will retain its flavor and taste for long time.

25. Soften butter within minutes.

Boil a glass full of water and pour it back in the glass to warm it up. Now, surround the butter with glass as shown in step 3. Check back in 2-3 minutes, the butter has been softened.

26. Make strawberries last longer.

Prepare a mixture of vinegar and water in ratio 1:3 and dip the strawberries in it for 10 minutes. Make sure the strawberries are dry before packing them back in the storage container.

27. Squeeze lemons with more force.

Use a pair of tongs to apply more force on lemon. Place the half lemon on the opposite end of tongs and apply pressure on the open end to get the maximum juice. (via wonderhowto)

28. Get maximum juice out of lemons.

Before applying hack #27. Microwave the lemon for 15-30 seconds. This will loosen the pulp and you can extract the maximum juice.

29. Prevent mixing spoon from falling inside the bowl.

Simply attach a rubber band on the end of mixing spoon to help it grip on the edge. This way it will not fall inside the bowl and make cooking easier for you.

30. Prevent honey from sticking on spoon.

Coat the spoon with cooking spray to prevent honey from sticking on it. This way you can also utilize every last drop of honey. (via noshon.it)

31. Keep lettuce fresh longer.

Place a tissue paper on top of sliced lettuce before sealing it with plastic. The tissue paper will absorb the moisture to keep lettuce fresh for long time.

32. Homemade Buttermilk.

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice in milk. Stir the mixture and leave it for few minutes. You can use this mixture in recipes as buttermilk substitute.

33. Are these eggs fresh?

Place the egg in a glass of water; if it sinks its fresh else throw it away.

Another hack to know whether the eggs are fresh or not is to shake them. If you listen to the wobbly sound egg is good. If you don’t hear any sound then the egg has gone bad.

34. Reduce egg usage in baking.

Add half mashed banana with every egg you use while baking. This will help you keeping the calories low. Also bananas are good for health. (via theindianspot)

35. Fresh herb for cooking.

Cut the herb to prepare fine pieces. Now mix it up with olive oil and freeze it in ice tray. Next time you want to cook start with these cubes instead of regular oil. This way the herbs will be preserved for long time. (via lydioutloud)

36. Keep bananas fresh longer.

Wrap the banana root with cling film. The root of the banana releases gas which ripens the banana faster. This way the bananas will stay fresh and ripe at a slower rate.

37. Quickly Defrost meat without microwave.

Simply place the frozen meat inside hot water for few minute. Although, you might have heard defrosting the meat quickly isn’t safe but that’s not true. (via foodrenegade)

38. Stop cutting board from sliding.

Sliding cutting board can lead to finger injury. Rinse a kitchen towel or any other cloth and spread it under the cutting board. It will prevent the board from sliding.

39. Fastest cooking pasta.

Dip the pasta in cold water for an hour or so before cooking. The starch cannot be activated in cold water so the pasta won’t stick together, no need to add oil. (via ideasinfood)

When you are ready, boil the pasta, add the seasoning and done.

40. Shred Chicken easily.

Instead of shredding chicken with hands use a manual blender to shred it quickly. It will hardly take few second to evenly shred the chicken. (via positivemed)

41. Simple hack for cutting ladyfinger without making mess.

Ladyfingers release sticky material when cut while creates a lot of mess. By applying lemon juice on both side of knife you can reduce the substance from releasing ultimately reducing the mess.

42. Prevent avocado from browning.

Spray a little bit of cooking spray on the sliced avocados to prevent them from turning brown. You can wrap these avocados in cling film and store for days.

43. Homemade Tortilla cups.

Use muffin tin cup or even an upside down bowl to prepare homemade tortilla shells. Settle the molds in the cup and bake it for 15 minutes. Awesome Tortilla shells are ready to use. (via theyummylife)

44. Long lasting Greens.

While storing the leafy vegetables, put a linen cloth inside the container. It will maintain the moisture and the greens will last longer.

45. Remove eggshell easily.

Wet your finger to take out the shell; the egg white will not stick to skin. Alternatively you can use the broken eggshell itself to remove the tiny piece of eggshell from the bowl.

46. Perfect Poached egg every time.

Break the egg in a zip lock or plastic. Now place the plastic in the boiling water for ten minutes. Take out the egg from plastic and you are ready to serve.

47. Stop fruits from ripening fast.

As mentioned in hack #36 banana releases gas which ripen it faster. It has the same effect on other fruits as well. So, never store bananas together with other fruits to prevent them from ripening fast.

Cleaning Hacks

48. Homemade cleaning liquid.

Mix water with vinegar as 2:1 ratio in a spraying bottle. Voila, you made yourself a cleaning liquid. It can be used to clean fridge, television, kitchen counter etc.

49. Clean Chemicals from fruits and vegetables.

Add a mixture of baking soda and water to scrub the nasty chemicals off the fruit. This is a very simple method of decontaminating the veggies. (via everydayroots)

50. Disinfect chopping board.

Spread some kosher salt on the surface of chopping board. Now, rub it with slice of lemon for 2-3 minutes. Wash the board and you are done.

51. Shining Steel surface.

Put few drops of olive oil in a cloth and use it to rub on any stainless steel surface (like fridge) to give it as good as new shine. (via compactappliance)

52. Washing the oven.

Prepare a thick solution of baking soda and water. This mixture can be applied to get rid of rust from the oven. It can be used for cleaning other appliances as well. (via theempoweredmomma)

53. Homemade Floor Cleaner.

Add half a cup of vinegar with squirt dawn soap and some rubbing alcohol. Mix one and a half cup of water in the mixture. Now go ahead and clean the floor easily. (via naturesnurtureblog)

54. How to clean grease from cabinet doors.

Mix white vinegar in solution of damp dish soap and water. If this isn’t enough to get the grease out. Add borax in the solution to strengthen it. You can find exact amount here.

55. Cleaning the top of shelves.

Spread the wax paper on the top of cupboard or shelf. The grease and dust will stick on the wax paper. Now, swipe the surface with a clean cloth and you are done.

56. Steam cleaning microwave.

Leave the solution of vinegar and water in microwave and let it boil. Let the steam spread all over the microwave. Wipe the microwave with a clean cloth.

57. Homemade glass cleaner.

Mix some rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in water. Now add a teaspoon of starch in the mixture. You can give new look to the glassware with this solution. (via purelivingspace)

58. How to disinfect sponge.

Dip the sponge in solution of cellulose and microwave it for two minute. The microwave will disinfect the sponge by killing the germs. You can find exact steps to disinfect sponge here.

59. Non Toxic Bleach Alternative.

Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide and one-fourth cup of lemon juice in twelve cup of water. This solution is a natural alternative for bleach and can be used to disinfect laundry. (via onegoodthingbyjillee)

60. Homemade laundry scent cleaner.

Credit goes to simply Shellie for this awesome kitchen hack. You can find the whole recipe here. The solution is very easy to prepare and can be used again and again.

61. How to clean greasy/rusty Crock pot.

It happened with all of us, we use the Crock pot on occasions and put it away for long. Next time we check on it its cover in rust. An easy way to get rid of the rust is to cover the Crock pot in Ammonia and leave it over night. Ammonia will do all the work and you will be left with a new Crock pot. (via mykitchenescapades)

62. Homemade Dryer Sheets.

Dip some fabric scrap into a solution of vinegar and essential oil and let them dry. Yeah, you are done. This simple and easy trick is explained in full details here.

63. Cleaning grills easily.

Cut an onion in half and place it on the grill upside down. Use a fork or a chopstick to run the onion on grill. The grease will come right off. (via diyjoy)

Storage Hacks

64. Rubber Glove Holder.

Use the paper clamp to hold the gloves by the edge. Now, reverse the clip and hang it on a hook. This way the gloves will dry faster and needs less space.

65. More space for cleaning supplies.

Attach a tension rod underneath your sink. You can hang the spray bottles on the rod and save up the space for other bigger supplies. (via dreamingindiy)

66. Smart organizational skill.

You can fix rods or hooks on the cupboard to hang kitchen tools. You can save up the space for larger appliances this way. (via notmartha)

67. Simple way to store chopping board.

You can attach wire rack on cupboard door to store the chopping board inside it. This way they will be easily accessible and will save a lot of space. (via thatswhatchesaid)

68. Awesome hack for storing plates.

Fix the magazine rack on the side of cupboard to use it for storing plates or lids. It will definitely save you a lot of space which you can use for other purpose.

69. Control mess in one area.

Wooden trays can be used to manage small pots or containers. You can fill these pots with knives, spoon and more. These trays are easily transportable so you don’t necessary have to store them in kitchen.

70. Pro Organizational tip.

Use label on containers for better organization. This way others can work in your kitchen without any problem. They won’t be bothering you again and again!

71. Solution for trash bag rolls.

Attach two hooks under the kitchen sink. Slide a dowel through the trash bag rolls and fix it on the hook. This way they can be easily accessible plus it will save space under the sink. (via simplyorganized.me)

72. Homemade rotating utensil hanger.

Fix some hooks on top of a lazy Susan and attach it under a cupboard to make yourself a rotating utensil hanger. No need to bulk up the space in cupboard anymore. (via onecrazyhouse)

73. Organize kitchen utensils easily.

Create slots inside the cupboard using wooden craft boards. This way you can organize the utensils by keeping them in different slots. (via kevinandamanda)

74. Wonderful sliding canned food cabinet.

This is one of the best DIY projects which will cost you no more than 50 bucks. It will give you space to store ton of canned food easily. (via classyclutter)

75. Homemade Knife and Spoon Holder.

Attach an old cheese grater to an old chopping board. Now tie a rope on chopping board and you can hang it on a hook. This is an awesome way to recycle old utensils. (via homeroad)

76. Creative steel knife grabber.

Attach a steel bar on the side of cupboard and stick a long bar magnet to it. You can simply stick the knife on the magnet. This is a very creative impress your guest.

77. Homemade Silverware holder.

Attach few empty Mason jar on a wooden plank with galvanized plumber tape. Color it according to your taste. You can take help of your kids, they’ll be eager to help you with this! (via designdininganddiapers)

78. Hanging Containers.

Glue a magnet in the bottom of a small container. This way you can easily stick then on refrigerator or any steel surface. The visitors will definitely get impressed plus you can save up a lot of space. (via tatertotsandjello)

79. Kitchen garden.

You can use empty Mason jars to grow herbs. Fill the jar with soil and plant the seed of any herb you prefer to grow. These jars are should be placed near the window where sunlight is available.

80. A smart cupboard.

Do you ever put food items in a cupboard but when you try to get it back you can’t reach it because it’s too far. Use a lazy Susan in the container to easily access the items. (via diycraftsdecoration)

Fun Food Hacks

81. Chill wine without diluting it.

Freeze a bunch of grape in advance to use it as ice substitute. This way you can get chilled wine without diluting it. That’s how I like it.

82. Increase the flavor of macaroni and cheese.

Add dry mustard to the recipe to enhance the flavor of this classic breakfast. Try it out, I bet you’ll love it.

83. Disposable Funnel.

Cut the edge of an envelope to use it as a funnel for several kitchen works like stirring salt in salt shakers. You can easily dispose it after the work is done. (via gousto)

84. Cooking bacon without flame.

Wrap a piece of bacon in a kitchen foil and use the iron to cook it easily. No need to cook it on regular flame because it’s too mainstream.

85. Preserving the half eaten pack of chips.

Squeeze the air out of pack and fold the pack holding each end like shown in step 3 and 4. Now turn around the pack and easily fold it until you reach the remaining chips. Grab the folded triangle you made in step 4 and turn it inside out as shown in step 7. There you have it, a sealed pack to keep the chips crispy f

86. Opening a sealed tight container.

Pinch a hole on the cap with a knife to let some air in. The container will open instantly. This method is good for disposable or one time use container.

You can use two rubber bands, one for holding the cap and other for holding the bottle. This way you can apply more force to open the bottle easily. You can watch the full tutorial here.

87. Ice-cream Cookie.

Cut 1 inch thick slice from the ice cream container as shown in step 2. Now surround the slice with cookies as shown in step 4. Simply remove the packaging and you have your ice-cream cookie. You can watch the full tutorial here.

88. Homemade Knife holder.

Fill an empty cup with skewers with the pointed edge down to build yourself a homemade knife holder. Just saved you $50, you’re welcome.

89. Removing seed of cherry.

Place the cherry upside down on the tip of bottle. Now poke it with a straw or chopstick from the bottom. This way you will have the best part with minimal wastage.

90. How to aerate wine fast.

Blend the wine using blender for one minute. This will let the wine to aerate quickly. You don’t have to wait long.

91. Concentrated Cold Coffee.

Just like hack #81 instead of grapes freeze the leftover coffee in ice tray to get coffee-cubes. Use them while you prepare cold coffee.

92. Awesome Egg Heart.

Hold the egg between the cardboard as shown in step 1. Place a chopstick above the egg as shown in step 2. Now, use rubber bands to fix the setup. Leave it in refrigerator for 15 minutes. That’s it!

93. Easy way to peel an orange.

Carefully cut the top of the orange as shown in step 2. Now cut a slit on the side of the orange as shown in step 4. Now open the orange inside out to take out the pulp. Simple, right?

94. Popping garlic.

This is my all time favorite hack. Place a clove of garlic in empty Mason jar and shake it vigorously. All done! You can apply the same trick with boiled egg to take off the shell.

95. Peeling a kiwi easily.

Cut the top and bottom of the kiwi. Now use a spoon to carefully peel out the most of fruit as shown in step 2. The skin will come off easily. Cool, isn’t it?

96. Cook a pizza in waffle iron.

Yup, that’s right. Place the dough in waffle iron to bake it. Open it and spread cheese and whatever topping you want. Close it again and let it cook until the cheese melts.

Except for look it’s all Pizza, a delicious one indeed.

97. Cool way to remove yolk from the egg.

Removing yolk from an egg can be a headache by using spoon. Use an empty water bottle to suck the yolk from the broken egg. It is one of the coolest hacks I learned from my friend.

98. Wine for cooking.

You can utilize leftover wine by freezing it in ice tray. You can later use the ice cubes to provide flavor in recipes. You can also use these cubes to chill your wine as well. (via budgetsavvydiva)

99. Yogurt Popsicle.

Poke a spoon in the yogurt container and freeze it for four hours. Now, remove the seal and pull out the Popsicle, Enjoy!

Don’t buy fancy or irregular shaped yogurt container. It will be difficult to get it out.

100. How to make stale chips Crispy again.

Spread some olive oil on stale chips and microwave them for 30 seconds. You can eat the chips just the way you like, crispy!

101. How to stop water from over boiling.

Last but not the least, use a wooden spoon while boiling the water. I don’t know it works but yeah it works every time. You can count on it.

So, there you have it, ‘101 Kitchen Hacks’. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any suggestion or kitchen hack that will help others make cooking easier,  join me in the comment section.

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I am 27 year old and have been in this field for around 4 years now. I have a master’s degree in Interior Decoration. I am a big food freak and love to cook as well. Feel free to share your ideas with me.

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