5 Easy Ways to Clean the Microwave

Cleaning Microwaves is a pain, isn’t it?

Remains of food, splashes, grease, are some unhygienic things that can store in Microwave.

 That’s why it is necessary to be cleaned, since food is processed and consumed every day.

Tricks To Clean the Microwave That around in our home

Undoubtedly, one of the most practical appliances that we can have in our kitchen is the microwave. However

The microwave oven is our great assistant in the kitchen, but if we do not clean it regularly, it will accumulate grease inside, which in addition to generating bad odors can affect our health.

If you still do not have a microwave or are thinking about cleaning it, check out these tips to clean the microwave that best suits your needs.

Trick with lemon

Mix lemon juice and water in about the same amount in a bowl. We put it to heat in the microwave and when it breaks to boil, we leave it in the closed microwave leaving it to rest releasing the steam for a few minutes.

The dirt will have softened by the action of steam and the bad smell of the microwave will have disappeared. In addition, lemon helps dissolve fat better. Now we just have to remove the dirt with a cloth.

Some people use orange instead of lemon, but lemon is more disinfectant.


There are also those who use alcohol or other chemical products such as cif, kh7 or ammonia and that is already a decision of each one, but these are natural alternatives that work even better many times.

The second of the homemade tricks to clean the microwave oven is to boil again a cup of water but this time with a little detergent for the dishes. We put the cup with the mixture in the microwave and close by letting it act for a few minutes. Now it will be much easier to remove all the dirt again with a moistened cloth or cloth.


We put to heat in a water adze, the amount of about 2 glasses pouring a good jet of white vinegar or the equivalent more or less to a tablespoon. When it has warmed up well and it breaks to boil, we do the same as in the first two homemade tricks; we leave it inside the microwave in a cup with the microwave closed.

When removing it we must be careful not to burn ourselves. Now it is much easier to remove dirt from the microwave.

With these homemade tricks, you will be able to leave your microwave clean and without bad odors in a matter of minutes.

Many people use white vinegar to clean endless things from home. White vinegar to clean the microwave. Moreover, we have a natural compound that removes both dirt and microbes, which has caused it to be part of the cleaning products of a host of homes.

However, today we are going to focus on cleaning the microwave, an appliance that we must take care of very well because, inside, we heat and cook much of the food we consume on a daily basis.

Discover how you can use white vinegar to clean the microwave!

  • A glass of white vinegar
  • Half a glass of water
  • A sponge or cloth
  • One lemon (optional)
Steps to follow
  1. Pour the water and white vinegar inside the same container.
  2. Place the bowl inside the microwave and let it heat for about 5 minutes

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  3. When evaporating, the water with vinegar will spread inside the microwave.
  4. After 5 minutes, remove the container from the microwave and run a sponge or dry cloth through all the walls of the appliance.
  5. The vinegar will soften the dirt and allow you to remove it very easily. In addition, it will disinfect the device and eliminate germs and bacteria.
  6. If the smell of white vinegar is too intense, you can add a few drops of lemon to the mixture.
  7. This product also acts as a homemade cleaner and gives off a wonderful fragrance.
  8. Put into practice this trick of home made with white vinegar to clean the microwave when you want to eliminate dirt using natural and economic ingredients.

What do you think about homemade household tricks with white vinegar to clean the microwave?

Use dishwasher soap

In a glass container, add 300 ml. of water and add a tablespoon of dish soap, heat for 1 minute, so that the water is lukewarm. Moisten a sponge in this mixture and clean all the interior of this appliance, at the end, pass a cloth to clean the soap residue.

Clean the microwave with baking soda

For this trick, we will need only a wet sponge on which to sprinkle some baking soda. It is gently brushed both inside and outside and to achieve a brilliant cleaning it is enough to rinse it well with water.

As for all kinds of cleaning in the kitchen or even the bathroom