Accessories Every Sushi Lovers Should Try

Should you be among the legions of devotees who like to make their own sushi at home, it is likely that you already own some key elements used in the process. You surely have rolling mats of bamboo, a rice cooker, a paddle, a high-quality knife and a large amount of polished rice. If you would enjoy having some additional things to round out your sushi making experience, review the information below to find some truly great ones. We love sushi accessories that speed up the process of crafting maki rolls in particular. Do not think of this as currint corners, but rather assisting you in producing top-notch sushi without having to venture out of the house.

Shark Platter For Sushi

The one possible drawback of this beautifully-painted shark plate is that it may cause you to seek additional soy sauce serveware with an opening that features fierce teeth!

Three Sushi Stackers

Perhaps the nicest part of these molds are that they can speed your sushi process on those occasions when you simply do not have the time or the inclination to use rolling mats or nori, but still have a serious craving for these delicious creations. Add the ingredients of your choosing, tap lightly, invert and enjoy the visually attractive stack of sushi that results.

Stand For Hand Rolls

A great way to prevent having to serve unsightly maki is to opt for temaki instead. These hand rolls can be consumed in two bites instead of just one, and are much simpler to make for novice sushi chefs. Keeping the4m in an upright posture helps keep pressure away from the seam. These can be fashioned into cylindrical shapes as is the style of some high-end restaurants , and they are easily slid directly through this handy tool. These can hold upwards of three rolls until they are ready to be eaten. A twist on the traditional presentation, this makes for a very convenient serving option.

Soy Paper Wraps

Due to the existence of soy paper, it is possible to make sushi without nori, when desired. Fully edible, these wraps lend a colorful flair to maki without the need for seaweed that not everyone enjoys. Give these flexible, yet durable paper a try and get creative with the name you give these homemade rolls.

Sushi Bazooka Tool

Though this is surely an unusual moniker , it really does fit. This is because an amateur sushi chef can simply load their preferred ingredients into the tool, apply pressure to each of its halves and slide their perfect roll right out of the device. Add a few sesame seeds or use nori for an extra covering for a real delight. Even better, the dishwasher can also be used, making this easier than you might imagine.

Smoky Soy Sauce

Not every restaurant has the ability to offer the very best varieties of soy sauce produced by true artisans. Shoyu is simply not available everywhere. However, you can purchase some for your homemade sushi so that you can enjoy the umami and salt-infused flavor it provides. The versatility of this sauce makes it perfect for a wide array of Asian dishes, so you are sure to make good use of this treat.

Soy Sauce Container In Stainless Steel

One of the great things about soy sauce is that it does not go bad , and in fact, aging can make it even tastier. Get yourself a large quantity of high-end soy sauce and fill a smaller dispenser for daily kitchen and table use. Save the costlie, smoked varieties for dipping and use this type of container to dress up your workhorse soy sauce.

Wasabi Seeds

Most people do not realize that it is extremely easy to grow wasabi from seed or to raise plants at home for the freshest possible taste. Wasabi leaves are great for salads and are akin to arugula in flavor.