Best Ceramic Knives – Reviews


Chopping and dicing are the common duties that needs to be done in Kitchen and for that Knife is the favorable tool. Knives are classified into different types and styles. Everyone demands for that product which works efficient and easy to use for the concerned task.

In Today’s time,

Now people are wondering why ceramic knifes are more superior to other normal metallic knives. The material of best ceramic knife is very durable with very sharp edges. These edges does not require to be sharpen again for many years in future.

Best Ceramic Knives of 2017

ImageNameRatingPriceReviewsKealive Chef Knife4.6$$21Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution 3-Piece4.3$$748Cuisinart 12-Piece Ceramic Coated Color Knife Set4.5$$139WACOOL Ceramic Knife Set 3-Piece
4.6$$41Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7 inch4.5$$678Vos Ceramic Chef Knife4.2$$228Vikilulu Ceramic Chef Knife4.2$$218ZenWare 6 Piece Multi Color Ceramic Cutlery Kitchen Knives with Fruit Peeler and Knife Stand4.2$$186Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 4.5 inch4.3$$157Chef Made Easy Ceramic Chef’s Knife 8 Inch4.3$$88

Why to buy ceramic knives instead of steel knives?

This main feature makes ceramic knife a favorite tool for chefs to use for thin slices . Also manufactured to use with extreme precise cutting in their daily routine. Although the blade of best assisted opening knives are way stronger than steel and more fragile which can be easily break if you are mistakenly cutting some bones or sometimes a frozen food.

One of the great feature of best ceramic knife is that it is very light weighted element in kitchen. These feature is in more focus not only because it can reduce your hand fatigues but also a less energy will be required if you need to make more slicking work.

As we all know, metallic knifes does pit and they leave some rusty and metallic flavor on your cutting food which can cause be unhygienic in response. Contrary to this, best ceramic knives are very brittle and you can easily store them into any of the sleeve or any custom box.

Scandi Ceramic Knife Set:

SCANDI Ceramic Knife Set

This is the kind of Ceramic knife presented by Scandi that slice that concerned food so effortlessly which can’t be expected from any tradition knife that you ever experienced in your past.


  • The Ultra sharp behavior of this knife will be remained unaffected for long period of time which you can’t expect from any metallic material knife.
  • The premium ceramic knife of Scandi is rust-proof which meant to be live for lifetime.
  • The shape of their knife is too flashy that customer prefer these type of elements to be in their kitchens.
  • The handles are too stiff and non-slippery which helps to make you food quickly rather than adjusting and wasting the time.

Rihachan Best Ceramic Knife Set:

Rihachan Ceramic Knife Set

It is one of the renowned classy ceramic knife which half the weight of any metallic knife.


  • Its blade’s sharpness retain 15 times more than normal steel blade knife.
  • The control and grip is also good and easy to use.
  • It does not absorb any kind of food material and you can easily clean the surface of blade by wiping with any small towel.
  • You just need to be aware that it won’t be used for the chopping of bones.

Best Chef Rated Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set-IMORI:

Best Chef Rated Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set-IMORI


  • Blade of these knives are infused with special material known as Zirconia that is said to be synthetic Diamond which means it will stay sharped 10 times more than normal knife.
  • For safety purpose, the design of these knives are safe edge that is fitted in custom shields.
  • The non-porous blade of these knives does not transfer any taste or odor to food.
  • If you don’t like the structure and working behavior of this knife, you can simple return the set.

DALSTRONG Ceramic Knives Set:

DALSTRONG Ceramic Knives Set

This product is made up from zirconium which is equivalent to diamond’s hardness and sharpness is 2 times more than steel.


  • It consist of free Perfect Fit shield only for the protection of blade.
  • The look of the knife illustrate the working behavior of its kind; so impressive and adorable.
  • No chance for any chemical leakage and will resistant to rust plus resistive for any germs and bacteria.
  • No feature to absorb any salt, acid or oily material. Dalstong will give 100% satisfaction and if there product won’t fulfill your needs you can take your full payment reimbursed.




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  • The foremost thing that everyone is keen to notice about the sharpness and future time frame till when it will retained.
  • This knife is passed from this point with good remarks because the sharpening of the knife will be last longer for many years if user is not putting heavy efforts on it.
  • You can easily wash these knives and they are also very lighter in weight, these knives are enlisted in top 3 ceramic knives of all time.
  • You don’t need to use your energy because their light weight will help in cutting for efficiently and deliberately.
  • These knives will be deliver to you in colorful presentation box.

Ceramic Knife Set Black Blade Color- Acutus:

Ceramic Knife Set Black Blade Color- Acutus

These knives have very comfortable and ergonomic handle that protects your fingers, sometime while chopping your fingers may be slide on the surface when you are not in the attention state.


  • These knives are small in size but operating efficiently with respect to their size.
  • The set includes two types of knife: one is 7 inch knife and other is 4 inch, both are zirconia and ceramic.
  • These knives packed in gift box that will be magnetic with no additional charges.
  • All other features like durability, sharpness, resistance towards rust and oil are same as compared to top rated class of knives.

Beauty Flower Ceramic Knife:

Beauty Flower Ceramic Knife

Last and most demanding type of ceramic knife that includes a separate black handle especially for the covering of blade with gripping dots and rubber coated material.


  • The knife is featured with one more element but weight is still light as compared to others and sharpness is concurrent to diamond with good retaining time.
  • The set include multi sized knives like 6 inch Chefs, 5 inch Peeler and 4 inch both paring and slicing with good guarantee.

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