Best Mandoline Slicer by OXO Good Grips – Review

Think Before you Buy

Are you looking for a slicer that can slice down any vegetables or fruits you put on it? Do you want satisfaction from that particular slicer?

OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

OXO good grips V-blade Mandoline Slicer, the best mandoline slicer, is what you should use for your kitchen.

You don’t need to be a professional chef to appreciate a mandoline. The best mandoline slicer can slice julienne faster than a professional cook using a sharp knife. It can produce an uneven cut with very much precision.

OXO is intuitive and reasonably priced slicer that would completely help us to save our valuable time. Considering the other models of slicer, the best mandoline slicer was really easy to set up.

This specific mandoline slicer can slice vegetables from unyielding potatoes to squidgy tomatoes. It also has four different blades and height knob that helps you to cut vegetables and fruits into short, thin strips.

You can cut random slices of fruits and vegetables with best mandoline slicer very easily and it can produce variety of cuts too. You have to make sure that you are always using the food holder. The area beside the blade can be seen clearly. The best mandoline slicer is designed for safety and efficiency.


  • You can cut fruits, vegetables or hard foods very cleanly using the best mandoline slicer.
  • It can make perfect cuts that you are looking for. You can adjust the cuts of slicer too. It has 4 different thickness of 1.5 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm, and 6 mm.
  • There is a pusher which helps you to hold the fruits or vegetables in the right place and it also protects your fingers from cutting.
  • The best mandoline slicer has a textured surface which helps your food prevents sticking to mandoline.
  • You can store all the parts on the board very safely.
  • Its body and food holder can be used for dishwasher very safely.
  • You will have a satisfaction of lifetime.


Please always try to be careful that your hands don’t get in touch with the blade because of the sharpness of blade.
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Additional Features

  • They have a very innovative design and consist of some functionality.
  • You can find out the best mandoline slicer in various colors or sizes made up of metals and plastic.
  • The mandoline slicer has two parallel functioning surfaces.
  • One of these is very much adjustable.
  • Slide down your food stuff until they are cut in desired slices you want.
  • There are many attachments of the best mandoline slicer that will let you make slices, waffle cuts and etc.
  • They are specially designed in the same width which will help you to fry meals.

Best Seller

You will get to find many brands names of the mandoline slicer but the most reviewed and favorite is “OXO V shaped mandoline slicer”.

If you want to cut your vegetable and fruits from thin to an inch, the mandoline slicer must be your choice.

Why should you waste your time on cutting vegetables or why should you struggle to cut vegetables by using knife?Use the best mandoline slicer and save your money and time. The ease of your use and the precise slices will make your dish looks stunning.

Search various retailers and buy the best mandoline slicer in your budget and requirements.

This mandoline slicer is a perfect tool for the professionals or your busy working mom. You don’t have to struggle cutting your food with knives.

How to Clean Mandoline Slicer.

It will depend on the model that how will you clean your mandoline slicer. You can use your hand or dishwasher.

You always have to keep in mind to clean your slicer immediately after using it. Otherwise the food will become dry and will make your blade harder to clean.

You can refer to the instructional video to get familiar with the mandoline slicer.

Some of the models of mandoline slicer will allow you to take off its blade and clean it by hand separately. You must be aware not to cut your hands while cleaning, as this a common case for everyone.

You can also use kitchen cleaning brush or other cleaning stuff to clear off your hands from the blades. Use warm water or dish washing liquid to clean your mandoline slicer.

If you have sliced meat with your slicer, then it will good to use anti bacterial soap. Don’t take the risk of dulling your blades, if hand washing is possible.

After cleaning your mandoline slicer, please make sure to dry the utensil of your slicer, otherwise there will be a possibility of rust. Not only you have to clean the slicer after, but also clean it before using in case any kind of chemicals left on the slicer during manufacture.

How to Maintain Mandoline Slicer

Always try to maintain your slicer manually. Some of the models of mandoline slicer may encourage you to use oil after many uses but particular slicer will show you what you should do.

Before buying the best mandoline slicer, check whether it is dishwasher safe or not. If you are finding the best mandoline slicer, then look nowhere.

Find it at reasonable price. Use the best mandoline slicer to have a genuine cuts and slices with no trouble. Once you are in habit of the mandoline slicer, you will wonder of even cooking without the best mandoline slicer.