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how to get cake out of bundt panHave you ever been in a mess where you tried to prepare the best and sweetest bundt cake, and it turned out to be a mess since you were not able to remove to cake from the bundt pan carefully? Well, I have been, and I know how bad it felt.

A bundt cake is not you’re just another simple sheet cake; it is specially baked in a bundt pan which helps to shape it into a ring shape. It usually takes 40-50 minutes to bake a bundt cake, but the saddest part is when this yummy-smelling cake gets stuck in the pan, but not anymore read along to master the art to remove a cake from a bundt pan, follow the tips and directions below.

how to get cake out of bundt pan


Equipment Needed To Remove Cake From Pan


So that your whole cake can be accommodated, you will need a pan that is slightly larger than the size of your baked cake so that the whole cake can be kept correctly.


Mitts to provide water resistant grip and made of the best material such as silicone. These are ideal for protecting your hands when you carry the hot bundt pan.

Rubber Gloves

You will be using a towel that has been that is being soaked in very hot water to the gloves will also help to protect your hands from burning in hot water.

Tea Kettle

Steam from a tea kettle will help to liberate the cake from the bundt pan easily, and for this reason, you will need the tea kettle to boil, if however, you don’t have a tea kettle in your home then you may also use a deep saucepan or pot.

Bath Towels

You will need two bath towels, as now you are going to use one to create steam that is going to help to get the cake out the pan and the other one to soak in the sink.


Your tea kettle will have to be filled and boiled; it will not be necessary to use filtered water because you are only going to soak the towel in it.

Aluminium Foil 

The bundt pan will need to protected and sealed with extra heavy duty aluminum foil just in case water seeps in whilst you are in the process of steaming the cake pan.

Wooden Spoon

A wooden spoon is going to be needed, as once you have gone through the steaming process, a gentle tap from the wooden spoon will encourage it to loosen and should come out without a problem.

Rubber Spatula

Should the steam not be effective then you can use a rubber spatula to remove the cake from the tin, using it around the edges, should loosen it sufficiently, but always be gentle.


If you have a grapefruit knife in your kitchen and you are skilled at using a knife, then you can use it instead of a spatula to loosen the cake around the edges.


Follow Listed Below Steps To Get Cake Out Of Bundt Pan

how to get cake out of bundt pan

1. Soak the Bath Towel: – You need to boil water in your tea kettle, and whilst that is starting to boil you can put the bath towel in the sink. Pour the boiling water over the towel in the sink until it’s fully soaked.

2. Place your pan on the towel: – You should now shape your towel in the form of the nest before you put the pan on the towel. Now will be a good time to cover the cake with the aluminum foil to prevent water infiltrating your cake. Place the pan on the wet towel and secure the pan by pushing the towel all around the pan’s sides.

3. Steam the Pan: – You will need to cover the pan in the sink with the other bath towel and leave it covered and secure for approximately 15 minutes, the moisture from the towel will make steam, and that will help to loosen the cake.

4. Remove the Pan and Flip the cake: – Uncover the pan that’s been covered with the towel for fifteen minutes, take it out the sink and dry the outside of the pan.

Loosen the cake by thumping the bottom of the pan on a hard surface. Put the pan and the plate together and give it flip, should the cake still be stuck, try the next step.

5. Insert along the sides: – A grapefruit knife will also help to loosen the cake. If you have a flexible nylon spatula, this could also be of tremendous help as all you need then do run the spatula along the sides of the pan, same as what you did with the knife.

how to get cake out of bundt pan

It would be wise to prepare your Bundt pan with a greasing element and some flour before you bake. There are various types of greasing agents that you could use, such as butter, baking spray and of course vegetable shortening.

Granulated sugar can also be sprinkled into the Bundt pan also you can add it to the cake mixture and bake, and rest assured the sugar will not make the cake stick to the pan. Sugar is sticky, yes, but once the cake starts to cool the sugar will act as glue once it is fully cooled. But warm sugar stays liquid and therefore the sugar coated cake should slide effortlessly out of the pan.

Once you have greased your pan you then apply a liberal amount of flour to the pan and then shake out the excess. If you are baking a chocolate cake in the bundt pan you should consider using cocoa powder in the bottom of the pan, shake it around and turn out the excess cocoa powder.

Another clever way to remove the cake that is stuck from the bundt pan, is that you could freeze it as a cold cake will have less chance of collapsing apart. But before you freeze the cake leave it cool at room temperature for at least one hour and then freeze for at least six hours.

how to get cake out of bundt pan
Take a butter knife and run it around the sides of the pan with the frozen cake in it to loosen the cake, placing the plate that you are going to use on top of the pan and turn if over and the cake will release immediately.

Never ever use metal utensils to try and get the stuck cake loose as the surface will get scratched and leave unsightly marks.

Caring for your bundt pan is very simple and easy, after baking soak the pan with hot soapy water and hand wash making sure you dry it thoroughly. Always check the care instructions that you receive from the makers’ product information.

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