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rice-cooker-with-stainless-steel-inner-pot-minWhy people need these kind of specially manufactured Rice cookers those have stainless pot inside? As there are many others like nonstick coating and cookers having aluminum pots.

Well, the answer is quite simple, that is because of the health concern; if small amount of aluminum leaches into your cooked food it can cause a serious disease, that is for long interval of time.

A dangerous toxic gas will be released if we heat that nonstick coated material over 500 Fahrenheit. Comparing stainless steel with above mentioned materials, Rice cooker with stainless steel inner pot will be efficient in every aspect. It can’t be react with acidic or any kind of food involved in contact with the surface.

Rice Cooker with stainless steel inner pot are available with different specifications, having their internal surface filled with stainless steel, some of them has digital interface to operate and many of them are one touch operational. 

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Aroma Stainless Steel Rice Cooker- White:

Aroma Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

  • Aroma is multi featured stainless steel Rice Cooker having a glass like with surgical graded stainless steel pot inside.
  • It has special designed ventilation part steam hole.
  • The automated function that makes it keep provided with one switch operation describes the Class factor of this Cooker.
  • This cooker doesn’t support nonstick coating and available with different sized cup cooked facilities.
  • You can cook soup, stew and any kind of kind in this cooker.
  • If you are size conscious then it will be a good choice Buy

Lotus Foods Stainless Steel Rice Cooker:

Lotus Food Rice Cooker

  • Safe and alternative approach to aluminum and nonstick cooking is Lotus Foods Rice Cooker with Stainless Steel Inner Pot.
  • It consist of glass lid with pure 100% guaranteed stainless steel Pot plus streaming tray.
  • It has one switch operational for both “Cook” as well as “Warm”.
  • It has a feature to be on by default with “Keep Warm” stage and you have to make it turn off when you need it.
  • In most of the cases you have to observe the timer and you have to turn off that cooker as rice will probably stick at the bottom surface of pot.

Above discussed are said to be popular Rice Cooker those are available with more than 20 cups cooking capabilities. You can also check the price listing of those products by visiting the amazon concerned product page.

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The prices are quite low as compared to those future medical bills which will probably come if you continue with aluminum and nonstick surface products.

There are many other related cooking products are discussed on our website portal which can help you in concerned department like cookers categories include imusa pressure cooker and many more.

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I am 27 year old and have been in this field for around 4 years now. I have a master’s degree in Interior Decoration. I am a big food freak and love to cook as well. Feel free to share your ideas with me.

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I am 27 year old and have been in this field for around 4 years now. I have a master’s degree in Interior Decoration. I am a big food freak and love to cook as well. Feel free to share your ideas with me.

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