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The flexible combination of oven and microwave has become more affordable day by day. Some combos cost less than some side alone ranges. Oven microwave combo is really great for leftovers, cooking foods, popping popcorn, and melting chocolates or butter. But it has limitations and drawbacks. This type of combo is best for crisping foods or cooking thoroughly which can take a longer time. Some people use this combo in their kitchen while others don’t want this expense of having both. But this combo of microwave and convection oven can bring the best in your kitchen.

oven microwave combooven microwave combo

There are always benefits to use this combo. This combo can be the best choice for:

  • For small apartments or homes.
  • For people who do not cook enough.
  • For people who occasionally need one or the other appliance.
  • For people who has less budget for one or others.

When you decide to have a microwave and convection oven for your home, keep certain things in your mind. It will help you to make best choices. Before buying one of this, talk to people who own this combo and see how they are using it. And if you can’t find a person who has combo, then you may check on customer reviews on the internet of how they work, what the suggested brands by consumers are, and what the price ranges are. Always keep in mind about price, features, sizes, and reputation.

Some features of oven microwave combo are given below:

  1. It combines browning outside due to convection heat circulation with fast cooking by microwaves.
  2. The heat is then circulated by fan which keeps meats moist by locking in juices.
  3. No pre-heating is needed as the microwave defrosts before the beginning of cooking as because the process starts straight from freezer to oven.
  4. Microwave makes the food brownie and makes the presentation more presentable.
  5. This oven microwave combo is still cheaper than buying two individuals together.
  6. It offers multiple power levels to accommodate power requirements of heating.
  7. It can offer three cooking methods – microwave, conv ection, or both.
  8. Most of the ovens have stainless steel cavity which is very easy to clean.
  9. Lower electricity consumption of two types of heating help to complete the cooking much faster.
  10. The oven works in such a way that microwaves lead to fast cooking and research help to get more minerals and vitamins. This oven microwave combo makes the food tastier and healthier.

Some drawbacks of combo oven microwave are given below:

  1. High price– This oven microwave combo is very expensive to buy due to its power consumption especially at high power levels.
  2. Complicated– This type of combo come with different features like only convection, only microwave, power levels, and so on.
  3. Microwaves don’t need preheating but convection oven does so that there is no confusion.
  4. This is really confusing as because all types of glassware is safe for microwave oven but a convection oven can only use proof glassware like Pyrex. So it means oven microwave combo is a great asset in the kitchen which results delicious kinds of food.

Top 9 best oven microwave combo

ModelNameRating(out of 5)PriceLinkoven microwave combooven microwave comboKitchenAid KCMS1655BSS2.7$$$BuyBuyoven microwave combooven microwave comboElectrolux EI30BM60MS2.4$$$BuyBuyoven microwave combooven microwave comboGE JES1656SRSS4.0$$$BuyBuyoven microwave combooven microwave comboKitchenAid KHMC1857BSS3.7$$$$BuyBuyoven microwave combooven microwave comboWhirlpool WMH31017AS2.6$$$BuyBuyoven microwave combooven microwave comboWhirlpool WMC30516AS3.4$$$BuyBuyoven microwave combooven microwave comboElectrolux EI24MO45IB2.1$$$BuyBuyoven microwave combooven microwave comboMaytag MMV6190DS3.5$$$BuyBuyoven microwave combooven microwave comboGE PEM31SFSS4.1$$$BuyBuy

  1. KitchenAid KCMS1655BSS– It is a handsome stainless steel combo oven microwave with extra large, rectangular viewing window. It has a large capacity. 5 cubic feet for oven and 1.4 for the microwave. Its heating and convection quality is very much impressive.
  2. Electrolux EI30BM60MS– It is a bold designed combination oven with a large black tinted window and curved handles. The racks slide out very smoothly with a ball bearing system which is an impressive feature.
  3. GE JES1656SRSS – It has a glossy model which adds stylish and sophisticated look in the kitchen. This combo has a capacity of holding an entire dinner and also has sensors which make heating items simple and fast.
  4. KitchenAid KHMC1857BSS – It is one of the expensive combo oven from Kitchenaid. This combo blends with surrounding cabinetry for a stylish kitchen. It has smooth edges with matching wide viewing windows. This oven offers microwave and convection both which makes the food tasty and delicious. Its cavity is 4.3 cubic feet.
  5. Whirlpool WMH31017AS – This is an attractive combination oven with a superior cooking performance and quick heating. This oven microwave combo has large space for preparing meals at holidays.
  6. Whirlpool WMC30516AS – This is a stylish black large viewing window combo which offers a superior performance. It has an impressive construction and design where the racks slide out smoothly to slide in and out the food. It has a capability of convection cooking and automatically sets the cooking time.
  7. Electrolux EI24MO45IB – This sleek and retro design has intuitive controls and great quality cooking performance. It also has a sliding rack which makes it easy to set large or heavy dishes without any burn. It has an impressive baking performance where the meals come out perfectly cooked and heated.
  8. Maytag MMV6190DS – This combo has shiny, attractive design with a great cooking performance. This is a handsome and functional combo oven with a standard thermal cooking system. This combo has such feature of self cleaning with adjustable light, medium, and a heavy baked on grease and grime.
  9. GE PEM31SFSS – This is an attractive combo with clean, crisp lines, and a wide viewing window. This oven microwave combo has a convenient feature of auto defrost and thawing frozen foods very quickly.

 Alright, So that is it for now, you might want to check the review for Best over the range microwave as well. We have selected some of the best microwave brands and ranges.

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